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Play French Roulette 2022 and Have Fun

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French Roulette Casino

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Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games. The game has subspecies that differ in rules and external interface. Recently, French roulette has been in great demand. Modern casinos try to consider users’ wishes and add this category to the library of games. French roulette online has its own characteristics, which should be considered even before you sit down at the gaming table. The rules are the same whether you are playing in real-time or online. This type is popular among Canadian players and can be found among games in minimum deposit casinos. So we have prepared the most relevant information.

Play French Roulette 2022

Gaming Step-by-Step Guide at French Roulette Canada

Before you start following the simple instructions for the game, you should study the interface of French roulette. All the details give the impression of an elite casino. But if the player is not used to this type, it takes time to get used to and get the basics right. However, most platforms allow you to change the interface to a more familiar one. So you have chosen a casino where this type of game is available, registered, verified your account, and made your first deposit. It’s time for fun.

  1. Carefully study the names of rates; if necessary, google additional information about them. This type of game uses a different terminology that the player might use – orphelins and voisins du zero, pair and impair, etc.
  2. Place your bets. The game allows you to make more traditional bets, such as black or red. But it is possible to predict the size of the bet, which allows you to win a significant amount.
  3. If the player is a supporter of a live casino, it is worth discussing the launch of roulette with the dealer since the bet’s success directly depends on the player’s readiness. On the other hand, if it’s just an online casino without a live dealer, the player decides when to start by pressing a special button.

Although the games are automated, the player won’t have to record payouts and losses as the system will do it manually; planning is important. Take short breaks between bets to check the Bankroll or consider your next strategy. When a player is on a losing streak, we advise to stop playing and take some rest; otherwise, it can lead to even more financial risk.

Differences Between French & European & American Roulette: Special Rules

The game’s basic rules are no different from different types of roulette. The table schedule, bet types, and wheel configuration are almost identical. The most obvious difference is the ability to return half of the outside bet in the event of a zero drop. In addition, American roulette uses a different sequence of numbers on the wheel, while French and European roulette is identical. The main differences are in the French version’s special rules that fans must follow.

  • En Prison. If zero falls out after spinning the wheel, the player has the opportunity to go to the so-called prison. Instead, the original bet remains on the table, and the dealer has an additional wheel. If zero comes up for the second time, it means a loss.
  • La Partage. This rule also applies if zero is rolled. The player can apply it and get half of the outside bet.

Online French Roulette: Unique Odds & Payout

It is worth recognizing that in most cases, we will write out roulette luck. But the algorithm of work is still present. And if suddenly attentive enough, I like the chance to predict when to pass and when to make additional outside bets. Below is a table with calculated indicators to make it easier to navigate the most profitable bets and how best to apply them.

TypeMeaningPayoutOdd in %
Straightchoosing a single number35/12.7
Split choosing two numbers17/15.4
Street choosing a row of three numbers11/18.1
Cornerchoosing a group of four numbers8/110.8
Columnchoosing one of the three columns of numbers2/132.4
Dozenchoosing the first, second, or third set of 12 2/132.4
Red/Blackchoosing any red or black number1/148.6
Even/Oddchoosing an odd or even number1/148.6
Low/Highchoosing 1-18 or 19-361/148.6

Main Roulette Variants: Comprising  (at a Glance)

It is customary to distinguish five main types of tablets. Each of them has its own characteristics. Of course, some have similar positions, but this does not mean they are similar in everything. Rules and interest rates play the most significant role. You already know that the French model has two special rules that do not apply to other types. So let’s compare four other equally important criteria.

Ruolette TypePocketsHighest payoutLowest payoutHouse edge %
French3735 to 11 to 11.35
European3735 to 11 to 12.7
American 3835 to 11 to 15.26
3D3735 to 11 to 12.7
Mini1335 to 11 to 13.85

French Roulette: Mobile Site & App

French roulette as real money slots is adapted to mobile devices – Android, iPhone, iPad. Specialized applications can also be downloaded from the Play Market or the App Store. But this is not the only option. Modern platforms are trying to adapt almost every game for a mobile version. You just need to open a mobile browser on your phone – Google Chrome or Safari, login to your account, and start playing. 

The mobile version is suitable for those who have already played French roulette several times. But if the player is a beginner and downloaded a special application, there is an opportunity to try their hand for free and understand the rules of the game. Some players complain that getting used to the small screen size at the beginning is difficult. But it depends on personal preference and a matter of habit. Playing on a smartphone will not affect graphics and other features.

French Roulette: Mobile Site & App

Other Roulette Variants to Play

For some reason, the player is not enthusiastic about French roulette online. There is always the opportunity to choose a more traditional or radically different version. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, one thing can be said with 100 percent certainty – it will not be boring. Any of the roulettes will satisfy the excitement and help to have fun.

French Roulette Is Worth Trying 

French roulette is an ideal choice for beginners and experienced players. It allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of a real casino. And this roulette has repeatedly become an attraction for many gamers, so it is not surprising that its online counterpart is very popular worldwide. But, first, it is necessary for the game to be in a good mood, have stable Internet, and register on one of the reliable forms here. Then, choose the platform where it can enjoy all advantages of online casinos, including new slot games.


Features of French roulette are evident after the first game. Distinctive design, special rules, winning percentages, etc. – all raise additional questions in the head of even experienced players. The same questions often sound; below, everyone will find answers to them.

Why Is French Roulette So Popular?

This game version has interesting rules and is available from global game providers. For many players, the presence of this roulette is the key to the final choice. The game also has a good win rate.

Is It Legal to Play French Roulette Online in Canada?

Like any other similar game, it is legal in Canada. So the online casino has every right to add it to its library. But it is worth considering the provider getting access to this gaming option. If it is a reliable and safe supplier, the players have no risks.

How Often Can You Bet?

The player has the right to place bets at any time and quantity. However, it is worth considering your limit. It is necessary not to get into a gambling addiction so that French roulette remains a pleasant entertainment and not a cause of the financial decline.

When Do the Special Rules of En Prison and La Partage Apply?

The player can initiate these rules if the roulette wheel shows zero. It allows you to try your luck again or take half the bet.

Is It Possible to Play with a Live Dealer?

First of all, French roulette is a table game. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is an opportunity to play with a live dealer. To do this, a gambler chooses a casino with this feature, checks the availability of games in this category, and enjoys the real atmosphere of the casino.

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